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Riina O at Milan Design Week

Riina O was invited to present the SCOBY-compo material research during Milan Design Week. It is the largest trade fair of its kind in the world. The exhibition showcases the latest in furniture and design from countries around the world.

The Materialize exhibition in Isola featured a showcase of natural raw materials, biomaterials, innovative techniques and green design, to discover the promising prospects of the furniture industry through the eyes and projects of some of the best talents and materials researchers internationally.

Riina O presented parts of the process, along with a selection of material samples and final outcomes as a selection of handbags and accessories from the "Crafting Organic Waste for Fashion" collection.

Riina O has teamed up with iBiotech Ltd for a long-term collaboration, showcasing first outcomes at the exhibition. iBiotech is a new R&D company specialising in biodegradable and biocompatible products for uses in fashion, packaging, medical and other applications. By using natural mechanisms, their hope is to support the creation of intersecting circular economies within the often wasteful fashion industry. Riina O is grateful to iBiotech Ltd for sponsoring the participation at the Materialize exhibition at Isola Milan Design Week.

Ciao Milano! It was a great week full of inspiration!


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