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Guardians of the Garden comp3 insta.jpg

Guardians of the Garden

Garden Gnomes made of eggshell biocomposite to nourish the earth in the decomposition process.

Riina O_Guardians of the Garden.jpg

The tradition of garden gnomes goes back to ancient Rome when statues of Roman gods were placed in the garden to ensure bountiful harvest by protecting plants and the earth. Legend has it that gnomes live underground and possess magical powers to help humans with farming.

Riina O_Guardians of the Garden nature.jpg

Guardians of the Garden are visually relatable funny characters, made of regenerative materials, such as eggshell biocomposites using different binders – gelatine, alginate, xanthan gum, etc. They are built to slowly decompose in the garden by the weather conditions, nourishing the earth and plants around them.

Riina O_Guardians of the Garden Eggshell fruitvase.jpg

The installation also includes a fruit vase with a face for the fallen apples in the garden.

The series subtly hints at the fairy tale of the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Eggshell closeup insta.jpg

All the eggshells have been collected from local cafeterias and the binders used are also from the food industry.

Riina O_Guardians of the Garden flowerpot red.jpg

In times of ecological crises, regenerative planet-friendly materials and solutions offer a constructive way forward.

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