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Riina Õun Looduslik lõimumine s4.jpg

Natural Tapestry of Narva

Organic integration of various local cultures.

materials detail.jpg

During my mini-residency at NART, I concentrated site-specifically on the integration of various cultures.

In the context of Narva, I connected plants growing on the land, vegetation from the water, and symbolically, also materials produced at the Kreenholm factory, reflecting on the  historical heritage of this town.

Riina Õun Looduslik lõimumine s6.jpg

Engaging the local community, an open masterclass was organised, offering the participants the opportunity to learn how to make ropes from local plants.

Riina Õun Looduslik lõimumine s5.jpg

The ropes were made using the technique of intertwining separated plant fibers.

Those got woven together into an Estonian “kirivöö”-inspired decorative belt. 


The piece symbolically united the different cultures of people and nature coexisting and thriving in Narva.

The process of co-creation was a great opportunity for the participants to reflect upon their own lineage and the rich cultural heritage.

Created during mini-residency at Narva Art Residency, 2023

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