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Riina O Innovation was established in 2019 responding to the needs of our vegan clients. The goal is to concentrate on regenerative materials research and development within the circular economy.

Riina O explores how craft has to adapt to working with biomaterials, with the goal of bringing the materials out of the experimentation stage into practical use in the industry.

Product samples can be made to order.

Riina O offers regenerative materials consultancy for the fashion and product design sectors.

Previous clients include:


Crafting Organic Waste for Fasion: SCOBY-compo material

Exploring how waste Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY) generated from the kombucha drink industry can be re-processed into a sustainable, vegan, leather-like material.

Lusoluxo collection.jpg


Bio-circular luxury interior materials design of Portuguese byproducts.

Commissioned by LVMH.

front image.jpg

Natural Tapestry of Narva

Organic integration of various local cultures.

material closeup horisontal.jpg

Piezoelectric Pavement

Using naturally occurring electricity to create beautiful public spaces.

Project for Swarovski.

08. Riina Oun - SCOBY-compo surface water-resistance.jpg

SCOBY-compo material

Material research and development from the side product of London kombucha drink industry.

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