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Riina O Performing Medicine at Wellcome Collection

Riina O was invited to join a group of surgeons at the Wellcome Collection in London for the Saturday Studio event on the 17th November, aimed at the young audience of 14-19-year-olds.

The intention of the Saturday Studio was to explore key skills which underpin surgical care, using an accessible and participative approach. The interactive event included three sessions: Glovemaking and Hand Surgery, Surgical Skills- Learning by Touch & Textile art- the Textile Body.

Paired with the hand surgeon Sam Gallivan, we explained the similarities and differences between hand surgery and glove making ping-ponging the conversation between our two rather different fields of expertise. Surprisingly, there are many things in common - even the oversewn stitch that is used in both disciplines.

Our aim was to show the group how they use creativity and art in designing gloves and planning incisions for operations in the hand.

The interactive nature of the Saturday Studio involved all participants in using unfamiliar skills, under guidance. Building on expertise which everyone already had, these showed how surgery develops dexterity, precise control and collaboration. For the visitors it was a great way to take part in activities they had never experienced, working as individuals and in groups to get a taste of what surgery involves and what career paths might be attractive.

The youngsters learned how entwined with each other are so different disciplines and got to practice the hand stitching soft glove leather.

The event was a great success providing an enjoyable and exciting experience for all participants.

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