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Riina O will be at Wellcome Collection this Saturday, 17th Nov!

Riina O will be introducing the craft of glove making next to surgeons and artists performing medicine at the Wellcome Collection in London this Saturday, 17th of November 2018. The event is welcoming 14-19-year-olds to come to have a look and take part in various medicine, art and craft related activities.

Wellcome Collection is one of my personal favourite museums in London - a hidden gem full of medical wonders and curiosity cabinets with wonders from around the world throughout times. The museum exhibits explore the connections between medicine, life and art in the past, present and future. The venue hosts a museum with permanent and temporary exhibitions, the world-renowned Wellcome Library, the conference centre, a café with some great food and a very cool shop where it is possible to find many unusual gifts.

The Wellcome collection space was opened in 2007, but its story goes a lot further back to its founder Sir Henry Wellcome (1853-1936). Pharmacist, entrepreneur, philanthropist and collector, he made his fame and fortune by his extensive work in the pharmaceutical business. Being one of the first ones to introduce the medicine in the form of a tablet, Wellcome-funded scientists developed medicines to cure a number of important diseases, from tetanus to diphtheria. In addition to the pharmaceuticals, Henry Wellcome had a passion for collecting unusual items and curiosities from around the world. His personal collection ranged to over a million of items, stacked away at the warehouse in Willesden. After his death, the Wellcome Foundation was established, which lead to the opening of the Collection over 70 years later.

My personal favourite is the “Medicine Man” permanent exhibition, presenting the outright weird items from around the world. The extraordinary objects range from Victorian-era diagnostic dolls to Japanese sex aids, from the samples of tattooed human skin to antique hand and leg prosthetics...

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