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Riina O gloves at Walsall Leather Museum

Throughout the Summer a very special pair of Riina O gloves has been on display at the Walsall Leather Museum, near Birmingham. The exhibition called “Celebrate” does exactly what its name says, marking the 30th anniversary of the museum.

The display features works of 26 leather designers and makers from all over the UK. Among others, the exquisite life-sized leather bird sculptures by Georgina Brett Chinnery, beautiful hand-crafted footwear by Caroline Groves, delicate self-tanned fish skin pieces by Kari Furre, and many more.

Some of the pieces are by the local companies, pointing out the relevance of Walsall as the leatherwork centre over the last 200 years.

The museum is housed in an original Victorian factory building resonating the historical heritage through the permanent leathercraft exhibition. The Leather Museum is regarded as the town´s no.1 visitor attraction and is located just a short drive from Birmingham.

If you are around, check it out as the exhibition stays open for one more week, till the 29th September 2018.

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