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Meet Diana & Rachel and take advantage of the pre-order offer of -45%!

I would like to introduce our new "Attainable Luxury" glove styles - Rachel and Diana.

Diana is a real fashionista - the trendy laser cut decoration on the short 1-inch leather gloves has been inspired by Riina O Lux line.

Rachel, on the other hand, tends to be a practical but elegant lady - the subtle silk lining offers warm hands even for the chillier weather, while the 2-inch long wrist catches eye with the outstanding laser cut decoration.

Riina O introduced the more wallet-friendly "Attainable Luxury" line of gloves back in 2016.

This year the selection has been enriched by a few rather colourful additions, inspired by the Autumn leaves.

"Attainable luxury" skillfully combines the beautiful Riina O glove design with the practical production techniques. Designed in our London studio and made by the well-experienced craftsmen in Italy.

The laser cut leather decorations - synonymous with Riina O brand - have been adjusted for the everyday wear.

For just a couple more days Riina O has an incredible offer of -45% discount on the pre-orders of "Attainable Luxury" leather gloves! The offer is valid only until the 15th of April 2018 with the delivery date early September 2018.

This week in London has been rather cold and rainy - looks like Winter does not want to let go!

Diana and Rachel took a stroll around town to visit the favourite places and perhaps discover some new ones.

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