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Riina O “The Flowers of Evil”

Inspired by Charles Baudelaire´s eponymous poetry collection "The Flowers of Evil", the luxury glove collection reflects floral ornaments with a twist. The concept of how plants can be "vicious" has been explored within the illustration, created in collaboration with the London-based artist Natali Pahapill.

The theme is rendered through different features which could be considered as "evil" - the carnivorous plants, narcotic and poisonous plants, as well as some harmless but simply odd looking flowers depicted on a luxurious silk scarf, a new addition to Riina O collections.

The selection of gloves combines various materials and textures in the most elaborate way. The gloves are adorned with luxurious hand embroidery, made in collaboration with the skillful embroiderer, Amy Burt. To stand out we chose to blend in - keeping the decoration subtly in tone with the leather. The beautiful hand embroidery is then paired with laser cut ornaments on soft suede. The colour palette is dominated by black and subtle violet shades. Coincidentally, violet was also named as the Pantone colour of the year 2018.

Once more, Riina O skillfully mixed classical styles with intricate shapes and ornaments, pushing the boundaries of the gloves fashion yet again remaining faithful to its central brand concept of joining the traditional handcraftsmanship with modern technological advantages.

The Flowers of Evil editorial concept blurs the line between reality and the painted world.

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