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Hands of X

Hands of X is a project exploring radical material choices in prosthetic hands.

Riina O had the honor of being involved in this extremely exciting project as the leather specialist, during last one and a half years. In collaboration with the University of Dundee and Institute of Making we researched the ways to improve the user friendliness of the hands prosthetic by offering more organic materials, working directly with the users. The SS18 collection of hands draws on a palette of everyday materials, each familiar and understated, yet rich in associations. The traditional prosthetic materials are challenged with leathers, woods, acetates, felts and metals.

Additionally, this is also an experience design, as each hand will be made to order. Wearers can combine their own prosthetic hand mixing and matching different material combinations, as if they were playing with the Lego blocks.

The in-shop service was initially piloted at Cubitts eyewear in Kings X, London.

The prototypes have recently earned The Stephen Fry Award for Excellence in Public Engagement.

Hands of X are currently on display in New York at Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum prosthetics exhibition “Access + Ability”. The exhibition discovers different aspects of the inclusive design, displaying a wide variety of prosthetics and health aid items, driven by design.

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