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Riina O pop-up in Northampton

Last weekend, on the 9th September Riina O was invited to Northampton to do a pop-up during the Heritage Open Day at the National Leather Collection.

Northampton is regarded as the heart of the UK’s leather and footwear industry. It is a home to the only university offering a Leather Technology course in English. The town also has an exciting footwear museum, full of gorgeous historic shoes.

The National Leather Collection was founded as the Museum of Leather Craft in London 1946. Supported by the London Livery Companies, the museum takes care for the largest collection of items and information relating to Leather in the world. Recently moved to Northampton, the museum will open to the public in a few months - The Open Day was a chance to offer a sneak peek into their magical universe of leathercrafts with artefacts from prehistoric archaeology to 20th-century warfare.

The National Leather Collection is aiming to house the creative hub with the facilities to run workshops. It would be wonderful to have one of our glove making workshops there one day...

Have a first peek at our new collection "The Flowers of Evil" featuring a collaboration with a talented illustrator Natali Pahapill, resulting in a luxurious silk scarf and another collaboration with a skilful hand embroiderer Amy Burt.

Can you recognise the plants depicted on the gloves?

Please comment if you can!

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