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Bethany Joy Lenz wearing Riina O gloves

Talented and beautiful American actress and singer Bethany Joy Lenz is best known for her roles in One Tree Hill, but also appearing in the episodes of Dexter and American Gothic.

She is a fan of Riina O gloves, first coming across our brand last year in Paris, at our stockist Les Suites Boutique. The short lasercut hairy ponyskin Ivana mini gloves for 4 fingers captured Joy´s attention and won her heart with originality.

It was a pleasure for us to make her a personal made to measure pair recently. While ideally we would prefer meeting our clients in person to take the necessary hand measurements for the personally crafted pair, being based in California, made it a bit difficult. Luckily, our method enables to measure and trace the outline of one´s own hand, following our hand measuring form, and supply us the measurements via internet.

Joy received her pair of gloves a few weeks ago in California.

We are happy to have such an amazing brand supporter.

Just before Christmas it was wonderful to meet Joy during her holiday in London. We met in Kensington for morning coffee and had a lovely breakfast together.

As you can see, the gloves suit her very well and are real eye catchers.

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