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Riina O leather bracelets

Glad to announce our new leather bracelets are finally here!

In the recent months we have undertaken some serious product development to perfect the design specifics of our new Leeanne bracelet and expand the colour selection. It is to our great delight to exclaim that it has at last been achieved and the bracelets are now available at our online boutique and with a selection of stockists around Europe - and making an appearance in Tokyo next weekend! Stay tuned for more info!

The bracelets come in one size, fitting around the arm with circumference up to 17.5cm and made of thinner and more flexible leather than before.

Leeanne has also got a "little sister" Leah - a very exclusive limited edition line of skinny bracelets, available only online.

My Australian friend, road and track cyclist "It girl" Leeana-Kate James is now sporting one on her races. #WhyBeNormal

The bracelets come packaged in elegant Riina O box with free shipping worldwide.

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