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3-day glove-making workshop from Friday to Sunday 15-17th September 2023


Day 1:

  • History of gloves: wearing and making
  • Introducing leather as the material for glove making
  • The glover´s tools
  • Glove anatomy and patterns
  • Different types of stitching (stab stitches used in leather glove making)

Day 2:

  • Decorative points (cover different decoration techniques)
  • Measuring the hand and learning about glove sizes
  • Introduction of the standard glove pattern and customisation
  • Glove design

Day 3:

  • Positioning the pattern on leather

  • Cutting and making a trial glove

  • Finishing the second glove at home


Glove-making workshop

  • The 3-day glove-making masterclass at our London studio will teach the basics of the handcraftsmanship skills required for making a beautiful pair of leather gloves, made to measure.

    NB! Limited number of participants!

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