November 27, 2018

Riina O is thrilled to announce our next appearance at the largest Robotics Festival on the Planet - Robotex International 2018, held in Tallinn, Estonia, 30th November - 2nd December.

There will be over 75 speakers from 20 countries taking the stage in Tallinn through 30th Nov - 1st Dec 2018 at Robotex International Conference whilst the Robotex EXPO will display the cutting edge robotics innovations. Being part of it with Riina O x Helen Leigh leather covered unicorn robot with the microchipped control glove is beyond thrilling for us!

The topics discussed at the Conference vary from Data Science and Autonomous Vehicles to Cyber Security and Space Tech. There will be discussions on how the world is about to change in the next 2-5 years time, and what will come after that. Attendees have also the chance to join in panel discussions on various topics and learn how to build their first robot in the workshops.

It’s not far until the robots, cyborgs, avatars and other mechanic...

November 26, 2018

Riina O is always interested in exciting collaborations, no matter how unexpected they might sound at first. This season one of the collaborations reaches out all the way into the robotics!

Together with the maker, educator and children´s author Helen Leigh was created a black leather robot unicorn with metal studs and an opalescent 3D printed horn, controlled by gestures with an elbow length microchipped leather glove.

Based on the unicorn robot model Helen had created earlier for Do It Kits, our Rob (short for Roberta) got a make-over in hand-stitched black leather with metal studs and an elegant microchipped control glove.

"As a leather glove designer I feel that covering a robot with hand-stitched leather adds a certain humane aspect to it”. 

November 18, 2018

Riina O was invited to join a group of surgeons at the Wellcome Collection in London for the Saturday Studio event on the 17th November, aimed at the young audience of 14-19-year-olds. 

The intention of the Saturday Studio was to explore key skills which underpin surgical care, using an accessible and participative approach. The interactive event included three sessions: Glovemaking and Hand Surgery, Surgical Skills- Learning by Touch & Textile art- the Textile Body.


Paired with the hand surgeon Sam Gallivan, we explained the similarities and differences between hand surgery and glove making ping-ponging the conversation between our two rather different fields of expertise. Surprisingly, there are many things in common - even the oversewn stitch that is used in both disciplines.

Our aim was to show the group how they use creativity and art in designing gloves and planning incisions for operations in the hand. 

The interactive nature of the Saturday Studio involved all parti...

November 15, 2018

Riina O will be introducing the craft of glove making next to surgeons and artists performing medicine at the Wellcome Collection in London this Saturday, 17th of November 2018. The event is welcoming 14-19-year-olds to come to have a look and take part in various medicine, art and craft related activities.

Wellcome Collection is one of my personal favourite museums in London - a hidden gem full of medical wonders and curiosity cabinets with wonders from around the world throughout times. The museum exhibits explore the connections between medicine, life and art in the past, present and future. The venue hosts a museum with permanent and temporary exhibitions, the world-renowned Wellcome Library, the conference centre, a café with some great food and a very cool shop where it is possible to find many unusual gifts.

The Wellcome collection space was opened in 2007, but its story goes a lot further back to its founder Sir Henry Wellcome (1853-1936). Pharmacist, entrepre...

November 14, 2018

For many years The Glovers Company of London has been running the student glove design competition to encourage practical and innovative glove design among young people. The winner for 2018 competition of gloves for the Lady Mayoress was Ruvarashe Claudia Torto from Manchester Metropolitan University. I had the chance to meet her in person at the formal Glovers luncheon in a City of London Livery Hall back in  July, when she and the other winners were awarded.

Riina O was later commissioned to make these gloves of the beautiful blue and yellow cabretta leather. The outstanding pair was presented to the Lady Mayoress by the Glovers last weekend at the Lord Mayor´s Show. It has been a great honour to be part of this exciting project.

The pair of gloves was a very timely present, as plenty of waving was required off the Lady Mayoress on this cold but bright November day of ancient carnival procession.

Lord Mayor´s Show is a colourful and fun annual festival...

November 13, 2018

The first week of November Riina O travelled to a novel destination - all the way to China, to showcase at China Craft Week in Hangzhou, held at the Creative Design Centre.   

From the 1st to the 5th of November Riina O was exhibiting and selling a selection of gloves and small accessories, featuring our newest collection "Luciferase" with the high-tech retroreflective leather detailing on luxurious leather gloves. 

The exhibition brought together a number of top designers and makers from the UK, Ireland, Italy and Thailand, as well as China to display the diversity of handcraftsmanship and emphasis the personalisation of design.

On Saturday the 3rd of November the archery-inspired fashion glove making masterclass took place, introducing the workshop participants the basics of hand-stitching leather gloves and offering a new exciting experience.

It was a wonderful journey with many amazing people!  We are very thankful for this experience.

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