September 27, 2016

There is a saying - fits like a glove! But even a glove can misfit if picked the wrong size.

How to properly measure your glove size?

To find out your glove size for our new "Attainable Luxury" line gloves you only need to measure your straight hand around the knuckles without the thumb.  Please use the more active hand, meaning right hand for right-handed people and left hand for left-handed people. Don´t pull the measuring tape too tight. Your glove size is your hand circumference measured in inches (rounded up to the closest figure).

If your measuring tape comes only in centimeters, the measurements should be following:

Just round your measurement up to the closest size in inches.

This is all the information you need to supply ordering Riina O "Attainable luxury" line gloves online.

However, if you are really aiming for the perfect fit, designed especially for your hand (every person´s hands are different!), there are a few other details to keep in mind. The finger length f...

September 26, 2016

We are so thrilled to finally reveal our new product line - "Attainable Luxury" leather gloves. Yes, it´s still gloves, but  here the luxurious design of Riina O gloves is skillfully combined with practical production techniques, offering attainable gloves with already well-known design elements. As well as on our Lux line, you can find here the laser cut decorative patterns that have become synonymous with Riina O brand. 

Currently available only at our online boutique for pre-orders! 
Right now we are offering extraordinary -30% discount on early bird orders, until 5th October 2016. The gloves will be delivered by mail within 35 days.

But lets have a closer look at the new styles!

Diana is a glamorous girl who  likes to show off - the Cabretta leather short gloves (1 inch length) have rich laser cut decoration that really catches your eye.

Rebecca tends to be a rather practical woman - these medium length (2 inch length) Cabretta leather gloves bear rat...

September 23, 2016

We have some very exciting news to announce - next week Riina O will be introducing a whole new product range!

Can you guess what it is?

Follow our Instagram Facebook Twitter to see the mystery unfold over the weekend!

September 21, 2016

Decluttering mind, eyes are turned to the Middle-East for inspiration. 
Wide and clear open space of a desert, soft hues of pastel and tan leather is what inspired

Riina O latest gloves collection.

Our muse for this season is Miss Gertrude Bell - the supposed  "Queen of the Desert". A rather remarkable lady who lived nearly 100 years ago, a strong woman who marched to the sound of her own drum(or the pace of her own caravan, to be correct),  refusing to bend her ambitions to fit the accepted standards of her time.

Known as an a writer, politician, archaeologist, cultural anthropologist, traveller and explorer, who wandered alone(with her caravan) across deserts of Syria, Mesopotamina and Arabia, mapping them out and later being one of the key people in establishing the modern state of Iraq.

The collection entitled "Winter in Desert" features a selection of gloves in different lengths, that have become the brand´s classics.

Short decorative finger-gloves experiment with latticewor...

September 20, 2016

Meanwhile in Estonia...

While the nights are slowly getting darker and longer, Estonian designer Oksana Tandit has been thinking about the midsummer "White Nights", presenting her gorgeous new same-titled resort collection. 
The créme de la créme of Tallinn fashion crew was transported nearly 100km out of town to the historical Vihula Manor. The show was accompanied by a gourmet dinner along orchestral music from internationally well known musician Andres Mustonen and his orchestra.

For her latest show Oksana was inspired by symbiosis between nature, fashion and music. The collection paints a picture of a weekend escape from the busy everyday life to relax and rejuvenate in the countryside. Soft feminine silhouettes, luxurious materials from cashmere to silk come in pastel shades inspired by nature. Inherent to her signature style, a lot of attention is paid to the details and femininity is skillfully joined with masculine elements.

Riina O has collaborated with Oksana Tandit ov...

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