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Breath of Air

Researching new ways of working with kombucha bacterial cellulose as a hard, shaped material.

Let's play with chaos within the material!
SCOBY-compo Rock is a fully biodegradable material made of the local kombucha drink production waste bacterial cellulose and other fully organic ingredients.

Chaos enclosed within an established shape, bringing it to stillness within a bubble, which is what we have all been living in for the last few years, as well as hinting at the climate crisis. The shape exploration evolved to rounded forms, cast from the same mould but due to material characteristics chaotic and entirely unique.
These bubbles are shaped like an iconic modular sculpture, lit from inside as a lamp.

The form of the balloon dog symbolises the consumerist culture and the chaos it has brought us to, suggesting a regenerative angle through the use of biodegradable material.

The inflated pooch Tea Rex refers to our need to breathe fresh air, whilst utilising new nature-friendly materials.
What if consumer products had an expiration date?!

Created especially for the "Let´s Play with Chaos" exhibition at Aram Gallery in London, 2022

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